We’ve not even left 2019 just yet but Splendour In The Grass has dropped its dates for the 2020 edition of the annual three-day rager in Byron Bay – so get your brand new diaries out, open up your calendar app, and get the group chat lit the fuck up, because the big festival is officially changing weekends next year.

The big fest will touch down on the NSW north coast on the last weekend of July now, kicking things off on Friday July 24, and winding it all up on Sunday the 26th. The ‘yuge campgrounds will be open from Wednesday the 22nd as well for all you keen beans wanting to get a primo spot.

Truly a blessing if you’re doing Dry July and want to take a sly day off, you don’t have to feel as guilty because hey you’ve already made it like 90% of the way through the month at that point, right?

As far as we know, there’s nothing else changing, so it’ll still be in the North Byron Parklands (considering it just got the big OK to be there permanently), and it’ll still bring three whole days of pure, unadulterated heat to the middle of winter.

So gather your mates, synchronise your lives, put in for that annual leave or put dibs on having that weekend off, and start looking at accom (or try and find those lost tent poles you shoved in the garage back in July) because Splendour 2020 is happening, and if you were quick you might have already nabbed tickets in its very cheeky Black Friday sales.

Image: Ian Laidlaw