Well shut the bloody front door – apparently, everyone’s favourites the Spice Girls are planning a reunion tour.

It’s been floating around for a few weeks that something has been cooking in Spice World – with the implication being that its some kind of reunion special – but a tour was reportedly not on the cards. Apparently, that’s no longer the case: TMZ is reporting that a tour is very much happening.

Quoting sources, TMZ says that the group are in the early stages of planning a tour which will take them to the US and the UK, with unfortunately nary a mention of the land down under. The plan is for the group to hit England first, before making their way across the pond to the United States. There’s no plan for a Vegas residency, which is something you need to deny or confirm these days.

They’re working on “merchandising opportunities” too, which means that you’ll no doubt be able to land the retro-chic ironic Spice Girls t-shirt of your dreams, if you feel so inclined.

Apparently even Victoria Beckham – the Spice Girl least inclined to indulge the objective silliness of a reunion – is completely down with the plan. TMZ says that its still early days for the planning, but that everyone is fully committed and the tour is going to happen.”

The goal is apparently to kick off the tour in the northern hemisphere’s summer, which places it later in the year. Maybe if it goes off, they’ll bring it to Australia. Can you imagine a Spice Girls arena tour of our golden shores? The scenes, folks. The absolute scenes.