Soulwax to Remix “Kids” By MGMT

It’s a been while (a few days) since we’ve dabbled in area of flickering light that we like to call ‘remixes’.

No rumour thing going on here, Soulwax have apparently finished their remix, and somewhere in the world it’s being duped as we type/read/speak in preparation for the single’s release in a month or so’s time.

Justice + Soulwax, all we need is a SebastiAn remix to complete the hype machine remix trifecta, huh…

Is the fact that there will be a Soulwax remix enough reason to buy the first single you’ve bought this century?

+ Don’t forget that Soulwax AKA 2many DJ’s will be here in September 4 Parklife.

How many times can you say Soulwax in one post?

El Picturano = Zee Cobrasnake