Sorry Guys, That Morrissey Twitter Account is Almost Definitely Fake

The internet lit up yesterday when notorious old curmudgeon Morrissey joined Twitter, greeting the world with a  typically old person-y “Hello. Testing, 1, 2, 3. Planet Earth, are you there? One can only hope…” Well, it turns out that the Morrissey Twitter account is a fake, or at the very least, is not endorsed by the man himself. 

Heaven knows the 275 thousand-plus people who followed the phony account are miserable now.

There were a few clues that the whole thing wasn’t for real. For a start, there’s the fact that Morrissey’s trademark move is hating everyone and everything, from Johnny Marr to the British royals to bands that happen to be playing nearby, so it seemed unlikely he would embrace social media so willingly.

Then there’s the fact that the Tweets just didn’t drip with that familiar Morrissey brand of casual meanness and condescension. 

“We will see you tomorrow night” is about as plain as it gets. Nothing about the ghastly American heat? Nothing about how the smell of southern barbecue is making him reflect and plan a mass murder? I think not.

According to The AV Club, Morrissey himself, or someone else pretending to be him, debunked the Twitter in a post on the popular fan site True To You. In this post, “Morrissey” said that he has no Twitter or Facebook, and the account is bogus, “if you should remotely care.”

There’s no way of telling whether or not this other, mysterious person claiming to be the Smiths singer is legit, but we believe the more edgy, sarcastic fake Morrissey of True To You over the bland, uninteresting fake Morrissey of Twitter.

The @itsmorrissey account has, however, been verified, which means that somebody is playing a pretty expert prank on Twitter, or, as the AV Club speculate, a representative of the singer’s label set it up. Either that, or it actually is Morrissey, and ‘being shit at Twitter’ is just a high-concept prank he’s playing on us all. Can’t rule that out, I guess.

via The AV Club
Photo: Kevin Winter via Getty Images