Scottie Marsh Painted This Stunning Tribute To SOPHIE Just In Time For Sydney’s Mardi Gras

SOPHIE mural Sydney

The latest queer icon to adorn Sydney’s walls in mural form is groundbreaking producer SOPHIE, who tragically passed away earlier this year.

SOPHIE died after falling from a roof in Athens while trying to see the first full moon of 2021. Now Sydneysiders can pay tribute to all SOPHIE did, stood for and inspired, thanks to this mural painted by graffiti artist Scottie Marsh – the same guy behind some of the most iconic murals across the city.

“We adore SOPHIE so much. Losing her has been a painful experience for our community. We wanted to honour her and Scottie Marsh has turned out this beautiful mural for the lovers and dreamers,” said Sydney-based gay production duo Stereogamous, who organised the tribute.

“Her bravery and production will inspire the planet for eons to come. A daughter of all of music’s outliers, and uniquely her own.”

If you’re keen to witness the piece for yourself, the mural is located on the corner of Bray St and Concord St in Erskineville – right next to the huge mural of George Michael riding a unicorn.

The George Michael mural was actually the second of its kind, after the original one was vandalised by the same homophobic pricks who recently protested against a Heaps Gay gig in Sydney’s CBD.

But enough of the hatred. Stereogamous’ post also included a quote from queer Aussie artist and critic Jonno Revanche, which perfectly sums up the infinitely-sublime artist and human being that SOPHIE was.

“Pretty spectacular that one person can contain the analytical mind of Wendy Carlos/Aphex Twin as well as the showgirl sensibilities of Amanda Lepore/early 2000s Kylie Minogue,” they wrote.

“May we all aspire to alienate heterosexual men at electronic music festivals in her honour.”

Now go listen to “It’s Okay To Cry”.