Sony Has Reportedly Cut All Ties With Dr. Luke After Kesha Controversy

After a maelstrom of controversy, it looks like the axe has fallen: Sony has severed ties with Lukasz Gottwald – known as Dr. Luke – following two years of media reports about allegations of sexual assault against the producer by Kesha.

In October 2014, Kesha came forward to accuse Dr. Luke of taking advantage of her sexually in a hotel room after plying her with a date rape drug. He strenuously denied the charges, and filed a defamation case against the singer, claiming that she was only making the allegations so she could exit her contract.
Kesha also claimed that Dr. Luke had exerted “suffocating control” over her, berating her for her looks and refusing to adequately share the profits of their songs – including the incredibly successful Tik Tok.
According to court papers, Dr. Luke is no longer CEO of Kemosabe Records – the label he formed with Sony – and he appears to have been scrubbed from Sony websites. Both parties have declined to comment.
The contract between Dr. Luke and Sony was expected to expire this year, but it doesn’t look like there’ll be any effort at a renewal if these reports are accurate.
Source: Hollywood Reporter.
Photo: Getty Images.