Sonic Youth Do Gossip Girl (When Worlds Collide)

Sonic Youth aren’t ones to shy away from extracurricular activity. Kim Gordon tends to a fashion line, Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore feature in the new William S. Burroughs documentary and in his time away from being a guitar fuzz wizard and record label head, Moore has co-written a Grunge tome and launched an Art Book Publishing company. It shouldn’t surprise us then, that the band parlay their success into television cameos. What should surprise us is the programs they choose to appear on. Namely shows of the GG variety.

Enthusiasts of Sonic Youth and/or Gilmore Girls will remember the band’s troubadour cameo amidst the fastest talking heads in television history…

And last night the band appeared in the other tween-pant-creaming GG show, Gossip Girls, where Kim Gordon acted as a celebrant to Rufus and Lilly’s wedding before joining her bandmates for a rendition of ‘Antenna’ a cut from Sonic Youth’s newest LP, The Eternal. We’re perplexed, conflicted and entertained but the band are so infallible we’d happily support Sonic Youth themed video games and lunchboxes. As the music Gods decreed – Thou shalt not pass judgment on the creators of Daydream Nation.