Someone Leaked Victoria Beckham’s Extremely Binned 2003 Hip Hop Album

2003 was a fascinating and baffling time. The 90s were technically still going (some would argue they still are) but the requirements of a new millennium demanded reinvention. Victoria Beckham, who had cast off the oppressive mantle of Posh Spice, obviously strayed spectacularly on her road to becoming a powerful fashion maven.

It seems like one of her attempts at changing the course of her destiny was recording a Jennifer Lopez lite hip hop venture which was, it seems, instantly binned. But now someone has leaked ‘Come Together’ on YouTube, and it is very, very much a R&B pop album from 2003. This may be good to you. Regardless, the album seems like it might have been somewhat ill-advised.
Feast your ears. She’s not doing well at masking her Brit accent here:
A choon we can only imagine is about David:

And the others. Please. This is a gift, to you:
Who knows how long this stuff will stay up on YouTube, but I only have this to say: Victoria, please return to the world of R&B. We need you.
Source: PAPER.
Photo: YouTube.