Some Idiot Took A Run At El-P At SXSW, FFS

Hot tip: If for whatever reason you’ve got a bone to pick with someone who’s in a band, do not try and get your pound of flesh whilst they’re playing in front of a crowd of hundreds of people. Your side isn’t going to be the popular one.

Run the Jewels set at the Spotify House event at SXSW was briefly interrupted by some absolute twit, who casually sauntered on stage mid-set and decided that that moment was the absolute opportune time to take a run at El-P – casually forgetting that a) El-P is not a small human, b) Killer Mike is even less so, and c) There’s literally an entire crew of large bodied humans whose specific job it is to stop things like this from happening present.
I mean, sure. On the one hand you kind of have to admire the sheer audaciousness of doing something like that; calmly sauntering onto stage to have a crack at one of the dudes talking into a mic. That takes some serious moxie.
But on the other hand, HOLY HELL what a giant spud. El-P and Killer Mike’s people were swiftly on it, and old mate who’d interrupted things at South By Southwest summarily copped it South By Southbest.

Don’t fuck with @RUNTHEJEWELS #ForRealTho #TheSpotifyHouse #SXSW #WeLive #SpotifyHouse

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Go to sleep trying to Run Them Jewels! #SXSW #RunTheJewels #CashThat #SpotifyHouse

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Total sausage-fest. #WORLDSTAR #SXSW #RTJ

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Fortunately the pair brushed the incident off with some (if not mildly annoyed) good humour. With El-P apparently stating on stage “We have no idea what that was,” to which Mike quickly retorted “That was a FUCKBOY!

As for that silly person’s fate, it remains at this stage unknown. Suffice to say he is now acutely aware that Run the Jewels are not to be fucked with.

Photo: Lorne Thomson via Getty Images.