Your weekend just got a whole lot better pals because Solange has dropped her new album When I Get Home. 

The album, Solange’s follow-up to her 2016 masterpiece A Seat At The Table, includes Tyler the Creator, Playboi Carti, Sampha, Pharrell, Gucci Mane, and Panda Bear in the credits to name a few.

The full-length album has 19 tracks so designate some time away to experience the art in all its glory.

On Twitter, the artist celebrated the new album with the words: “Y’all! I’m filled w so much joy right now!!! Wow! I can’t thank y’all enough for this moment and for all the feelings i feel in my body! I’m bringing home w me everywhere I go yalll and I ain’t running from shit no more. Your love lifts me up so high. Thank you!” 

The album is available on all your usual streaming subjects including Spotify. 

Listen to When I Get Home below.

You can also stream the album in its entirety on Apple. 

Solange first announced news of the album earlier this week with her very own Black Planet page – a social networking site where Black America can come together and speak freely.

Solange’s page on the site features a number of photos of the artist, presumably from her new album’s photo shoot.

You can check out/sign up to Black Planet, HERE

Image: Solange