British rapper and usually well behaved bae Slowthai went fucking turbo at the NME awards today in London. He was there to accept the “Hero of the Year” award but ended up harassing the host and attacking an audience member.

Someone else in the crowd captured the moment Tyron collected his award and began heckling the host. The footage is awkward and not enjoyable to watch.

He appears to be intoxicated, gets wayyy too close to host/comedian Katherine Ryan while shouting into the microphone demeaning and insulting phrases.

“You got jealous, innit? She got JEALOUS EVERYBODY! Smell my cologne” he said, while practically hanging off her.

“Babygirl, I don’t want to have to do this to you right now … if you wanna do something, see me later. Ayyy, she wants me to tend to her flowers!”

Another woman on stage can be heard asking, “What is happening? What is the protocol for this situation?” 

Slowthai’s inability to read the room was clearly off. The audience were shocked and clearly not on board with his rant, yet he continued on anyway. 

Ryan is being praised for her handling of the situation, taking him down with some serious sarcasm.

“You are like, the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. I am so thirsty for your cock,”  she said.

“Thank you for the attention. Let’s hear it for him, he’s so hot! So hot! I’m so wet I’m going to slip off these stairs any minute, oh my god! He’s amazing!”

In a tweet later Ryan, said she treated Slowthai like she would any other heckler. 

According to a witness, one audience member called out Slowthai for his “misogynistic” behaviour from the bottom of the stage.

“Thank you for ruining my speech,” Slowthai responded according to this witness, dropping his mic on the audience member who spoke out. 

In a sort of boss move, the audience member throws the microphone right back at Slowthai. Slowthai throws his drink into the crowd and then jumps into the audience to attack him. Thankfully he is stopped by security and according to the NME left the awards ceremony right after. But the vibe of the night was definitely ruined and the audience were visibly rattled by the experience.

This all comes as a pretty big shock to Slowthai fans (including myself). Although he is known for being a bit enfant terrible, he is also known for having his head screwed on right in the way of morals and ethics and has been a good representation of modern British youth up until this point.

Slowthai has not yet spoken about the incident, but I suspect he is going to wake up with some big time regrets tomorrow.