Sia Receives The Ultimate Sign You’ve Made It

What is the ultimate sign you’ve ‘made it’? Is it industry accolades, access to private jets, or a knowledge of cognac beyond it exists? For singer-songwriter and personification of adorable Sia, it’s having your lyrics appear as the answer to a Wheel Of Fortune puzzle.

Sia posted the following picture to her Facebook profile with the message: “Omg! Omg! Omg!!!!!! I can die now. I wrote it!!! I wrote it!!! I wrote it!!! I’m so psyched! I grew up on wheel of fortune!! Tv is my parent! Woot!”

The lyric is from Rihanna’s new single “Diamonds” on which Sia was co-writer (along with producers Stargate and Benny Blanco), but let’s watch the version that Sia sings on.