Shut The Front Door Cos You Can Get Yr Old Gig Tix Turned Into Doormats

Like us, do you have roughly 7000 ticket stubs you can’t bring yourself to chuck? Want to celebrate your favourite band without taking the risk time will ruin everything for you, like it always does?

In an idea that just riles me up I didn’t think of it first, US company Lakeside Photo Works is turning old tickets into floor matts, the most subtle but distinguished of all matts. Your concert memories are finally, officially immortal.
Basically you either send them the physical stub (which they return, don’t worry) or, if you don’t really care about resolution, a scanned copy, pay roughly $50 AUD for an average-sized matt (plus shipping, which will unfortunately be around double that for us Aussies), and BAM! You have a fancy new “Taylor Swift, Suncorp Stadium Dec. 7th 2015” floor matt. 
You can also turn the ticket into a mug, if you are gigantic nerd that way.
Check out their video below for more on the scanned option, and make sure to only send them your best concert stubs (I hear they charged triple for Creed).

Credit and photo: NME.