Shout Out Louds Preserve Swedish Cool By Making Record Out Of Ice

Swedish indie pop band Shout Out Louds have taken the concept of ‘Swedish Cool’ to its logical endpoint by releasing their new single to a select group of fans and press on an LP made of ice.

Gimmicks in the music industry have become commonplace as streaming services replace traditional formats. Last week Beck released his latest album as sheet music only, via writer Dave Eggers‘ McSweeneys Journal and Faber & Faber. But Shout Out Loud’s effort has to take the cake for the most amount of effort put into a release we’ve seen this year. 
The five minute YouTube clip (below) shows lucky recipients how to create a mold of the record using that crazy new scientific thing called ‘freezing water’. But what is amazing is that when you put the thing on a record player, it actually works. 

Naturally, the song is called ‘Blue Ice’. What hipsters. 
via PSFK