If you’ve recently thought “Man, what’s Shannon Noll up to these days?” the answer, probably, is “not much.”

But if we’ve learned anything about the Internet, it’s that it has a long-ass memory, has a gigantic stiffy for nostalgia, and is bloody loud when it shouts collectively.

And floating up to the centre of the particular Venn Diagram this time around is the runner-up of the inaugural season of Australian Idol.

The 40-year-old blue collar everyman from Condoblin last released A Million Suns – his fourth studio album – back in 2011. Though he’s been touring the odd outer-burbs rugby club and RSL sporadically, lately things have been all quiet on the western front for the nation’s most famous possessor of a Southern Cross tattoo.

But if an Internet petition has its way, Nollsy’s about to come roaring back into the mainstream consciousness.

A petition has been set up to get Noll thrown in to the mix for the annual regional touring festival Groovin’ The Moo. The festival is set to roll through the country from late April into May, taking in centres such as Maitland, Canberra, OakbankBendigo, Townsville, and Bunbury. Right in the heart of his old fan base. Honestly? Perfect choice.

The petition already has just shy of 1,300 signatures and is starting to gain momentum, and the accompanying social campaign #ShannonNollforGTM2016 is hot on the trail – although, real talk here, can we workshop that hashtag a bit? Trust us. We’re professionals. We’ve done this before. #Nollsy4GTM is WAY better.

Do the right thing, Australia. Sign the petition. Get the great man back on the big where he belongs.

(P.S. We see you, you thirsty dorks.)

(We would’ve paid attention to this earlier, but we’ve been busy systematically pissing off and driving away our subscriber base, apparently.)

You can get well involved with the petition by following this v. handsome hyperlink.

Photo: Jonathan Wood/Getty Images.