Sexist BDO Screen Technician Urges Crowd To “get em’ out”

During the Sydney Big Day Out, punters had to brave one of the hottest days in the city’s history. On the Gold Coast, it was a lecherous employee that was getting fans all hot under the collar, projecting a message on the big screens prompting female fans to “get ’em out” during Vampire Weekend’s set.

Shiiiiiiit. What a doozy. The offensive gaffe first came to light through a Facebook post by disheartened fan, Sophie Wright. The post was deleted from the BDO page, but screen-grabbed shots were soon re-posted to which point the BDO issued this in reply:

Big Day Out deplores the actions of the rogue contract technician who
took over the running of the messaging on the main stage screen. The
individual was employed by an external supplier.

The content
on this screen was not endorsed by Big Day Out. Big Day Out does not
support the sexualisation of any of our audience, whether male or

The individual has been identified and has been replaced. We expect respectful behaviour at our festivals.

It appears that the inappropriate screen technician has lost his job and
been branded a sexist tosser in vain with this fan shot clip of Vampire
Weekend performing at the GC BDO indicating that very few, if any,
girls elected to “get ’em out“. Ba bow!


Picture by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images