Instead of waxing lyrical on Serena Williams’ leaked debut rap – which I’m guessing is called ‘I Win‘ – I thought I’d just let the lyrics wax for themselves, which I’ve painstakingly transcribed below. Game, set, match: Williams.

I ball hard no tennis racquet/I can’t see these haters through my Gucci glasses/I make hits like batting practice, Baby like ‘Serena is you really rapping?’

That’s me, thanks for listening/Schooling these rappers that’s your paid tuition/I make a lot of money but that ain’t your business/And you can tell the people I said this: (I win)

I win, I really mean it/Swag out this world you should call me Venus/That’s my sister, my name is Serena, on the court I serve them up, no subpoena/I cook the track up like a frozen pizza/Beats so crazy it might blow your speakers/I ain’t ever been a loser, and I’m always on top, roofer.

Title Image by Julian Finney via Getty