WELL THEN. Just about a day after she released her new self-love ballad, “Lose You To Love Me”, Selena Gomez has surprised fans with another new single called “Look At Her Now”, and honestly, I am living for this storytelling.

While “Lose You To Love Me” was an emotional song with an equally deep music video, “Look At Her Now” is the absolute opposite. And the lyrics, hoo boy.

The pre-chorus: “Now she’s glad she dodged a bullet / Took a few years to soak up the tears / But look at her now / Watch her go”.

She’s absolutely talking about Justin Bieber.

Also: “She knows she’ll find love / Only if she wants it / She knows she’ll find love / Look at her now”.

Celebrating the release on social media, Selena tweeted: “And here’s my special gift to all my ride or dies!

“I created this especially for you. Y’all have been through it all with me and I thank you for pushing me to be the best.”

You can stream “Look At Her Now” on all the usual services like Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, YouTube Music, and Spotify right here.


(once again, this video was shot entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro… which is really making my android ass quake)

Look at her now. She’s bloody thriving.

“I felt having these two songs released back to back completed the story of how one can rise no matter what challenges life brings,” Selena said in a statement. “Turning off the noise and living your life on your terms.”

If you haven’t already, you can stream “Lose You To Love Me” here.

Image: Selena Gomez