Seekae Soundtrack Hyundai Ad

If you’re into cars this is Hyundai’s ix35. Apparently the way we look at form and function, comfort and safety, performance and efficiency, technology and simplicity, is about to change forever. Which is a bold claim because, forever? Forever-ever?

Anyway I’ve rarely wondered about the balance between performance and efficiency plus I don’t drive a car so I’m gonna go ahead and direct your attention to the song in the background – “Herodotus” by Sydney three-piece Seekae. The track takes its name from a 5th Century Greek Historian and is one of the longer, glitchier cuts from Seekae’s outstanding debut “The Sound Of Trees Falling On People”. Makes total sense, it’s got that oscillating, atmospheric chug that really lends itself to nighttime missions and evidently, epic car commercials. Click play below to view the commercial but if you want to see it on an actual TV, connect your computer to a TV or catch Channel Seven’s coverage of the Winter Olympics. Here’s to Seekae making mad bank!