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Levi’s – AKA the trustiest kids on the denim block – threw a bloody ripper of a party last night at Fitzroy‘s The Night Cat and my god, attendees’ social media profiles are about to benefit because of it.

The whole do was to celebrate their spankin’ new campaign dubbed Live In Music’, where denim-clad punters were fittingly treated to spesh performances from Luca Brasi, Steve Smyth, Polish Club, Confidence Man and Ivan Ooze.

The label’s new campaign is all about the music industry’s unsung heroes (you know, the ones who ~make it happen~ behind the scenes) so the event was all about celebrating, well, exactly that. If you’re a loud-and-proud Levi’s fan this shouldn’t come as any kind of surprise, considering they’ve long championed the creative field and lap up any opp to get involved.

Shapes were cut. Mmrs were made. Drinks were necked. And yes, a photo or 27 were taken. See all the hap-happenings in the gallery above, find your damn-fine self and rake in those likes because that, friends, is the world we live in.

Behind The Scenes Of Levi's Ripping Music Showcase

Music to our ears.

Posted by on Saturday, 26 August 2017


Image: Amy Whitfield