Second And Final Meredith Announcement

Meredith ticket holders should be thanking the festival gods right about now. So if you’re in possession of one of those almost-sold-out bad boys get on your knees, bring your hands together, bow your head and repeat after me…Dear Festival God, thank you for bringing me Animal Collective, Patrick Wolf and Jarvis Cocker then adding Yacht, Regular John and Tim Sweeney to a festival I already paid money to attend. I promise I’ll dance extra hard, treat the festival grounds and my fellow festival bros with the utmost respect and slaughter 40 virgin rum and cokes in your honour. Amen.

Meredith’s second announcement of acts is as follows…

The Dacios
Tim Sweeney
The Fauves
Oh Mercy
Regular John
Silence Wedge
Kes Band
Mafia and Angus Sampson