Schoolboy Q Drops ‘Blank Face LP’ Cover Art & Oh God It’s Crying Jordan

After confirming that his upcoming album would drop on July 8th and sharing track ‘THat Part’ featuring Kanye West, LA hip hop maestro Schoolboy Q has announced both the name of the album – Blank Face LP – and its cover art, which is the infamous ‘Crying Jordan’ meme with the face erased.

Crying Jordan, if you’re not familiar, is the ultimate expression of anguish. Michael Jordan‘s crying face during his 2009 induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame is Photoshopped over the face of anyone who is currently experiencing great failure – either sporting or otherwise.
Erasing the face of Crying Jordan but leaving his distinct noggin… this is clearly a powerful statement of some kind. But what? Who knows. Until July 8th, maybe ponder on it with the vid for ‘THat Part’.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Getty Images.