School Of Seven Bells “Alpinisms” LP Giveaway

School of Seven Bells are from Brooklyn, New york. They make sweet dreamy indie pop. SoSB is made up by two females and one boy. It’s not often you see bands with formations as such, which kind of makes me wonder… Do you think they ever have big steamy romp sessions post show/rehearsal? It would be kind of fun huh? Especially if you’re the male member Ben Curtis. Massive fantasy killer when you find out that the other 2 thirds of SOSB are two sisters huh? Either way incestuous or not School of Seven Bells are the next big thing in a cutie, pretty, indie, **psychadelica** kind of way. They have a new album “Alpinisms” out this Saturday.

Don’t make this a case of; “Ohhhh Pedestrian told me to buy this cd 6 months ago…I wish I got it earlier!” Buy it Saturday or win it now.

We have 5 copies to throw your way. All you have to do is tell us why you want a copy.

***Don’t forgot to link to your myspace so we can contact you!

And I nearly forgot to mention it’s FBi’s feature album this week.