Schapelle Corby is in Queensland, and it is sunny.

That is the fearlessly honest message of Palm Trees, the convicted drug smuggler’s latest foray into pop music.

Appearing on Corby’s Instagram, the clubby bop comes courtesy of local producer Nat Zeleny, who appears to have lifted a vocal sample from one of Corby’s own videos.

With some confident vocals of her own, Zeleny reminds the listener that yes, Corby is in Queensland. If you don’t believe us, have a listen.

While that tune first appeared on Zeleny’s account early last month, Corby’s retweet has propelled the song to a much wider audience. At time of writing, the short clip has been played more than 41,000 times.

It’s not the first time that cheery little video has been plundered for samples. In July, Corby reposted another baffling tune to her account.

Corby returned to Australia in May last year, after serving nine years behind bars at Bali’s Kerobokan Prison for infamously smuggling 4.2 kilograms of cannabis into Indonesia. 

While Instagram commenters have left mixed reviews of her post-release musical endeavours, it’s yet to be seen if she’ll translate the attention into a full-blown artistic career.

Still, if you’re so inclined, you too can forge the song of the summer by bastardising the clip below:

Mucking around on this sunny day #2017❤️ @nat_zelz

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Source: @nat_zelz / Instagram
Image: @schapelle.corby / Instagram