Scandal’Us Red Carpet Moments From The Nerd Prom, Or White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Cool president Barack Obama invited a few of his neatest friends from TV over for a roast at the White House yesterday evening. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, what with the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, or the annual Nerd Prom, happening at the same time in the same room. Thanks, Serendipity. 

A rag tag guest list brought together persons of influence from fields as disparate as sports and politics, breakfast TV and fashion, dreaming and IRL, all of which were spearheaded per tradition by a keynote address delivered this year by Joel McHale, whose shade knew no bounds (“I know the Kardashians are Republicans, because they’re always trying to screw black people”). 
As is the case with every good casual weekend dinner party, there was a red carpet and everyone from your favourite Washington and prison-themed television series was there, with a few curveballs thrown in for good measure. Herewith, some of the most Scandal‘us Red Carpet Moments from the 2014 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.
Shout out to Michelle Branch for parlaying the success of 2003’s Hotel Paper into a seat at the 2014 Nerd Prom. She’s playing the long game.
Not sure if cute, well-matched couple or Mia Farrow’s fifth biological child. AnnaSophie Robb and L’il Frank Sinatra in his-and-hers black with A+ bone structure game. 
The face on the gentleman standing behind Taylor Schilling is exactly the face I made when Piper stabbed Pennsatucky in the season one finale of Orange Is The New Black. Spoiler alert. Coincidentally, that’s the same face Schilling made too. She looks as sharp as a rudimentary shiv fashioned from shower shoes purchased at the commissary [soft but still very effective].  
Julianna Marguiles is a vision of a good wifery [sic] in a chic junior litigator’s robe with expensive chandelier earrings, assorted rich person jewels and don’t-phuck-with-me life vibes.
‘Inoffensive’ is how I would describe everything about Olivia Munn, especially her J. Mendel dust ruffle.
Me too, bae.

Couple You’d Most Like To Spend Time With At An Open Bar And Then Maybe, If You’re Feeling Up For It, Head To Karaoke With, Dax Sheppard and Kristen Bell at their most regal still manage to make me think of Golden Retriever puppies. That is a compliment of the highest order.
Leslie Knope is so jealous of Selina Meyer right now. Not only does she look quietly amazing, but also this:
Linda Evangelista is a magnificent and terrifying Disney villain in blood red fur.
Quinn Perkins plays it safe in red carpet apropos red carpet.
Darby Stanchfield, also of Scandal, fulfils the natural redhead’s contractual obligation to wear green at any and all formal events and still manages to look ethereal. 
JAJAJAJAJAJAJA is a knock out in Romona Kaveza accessorised with perpetual hair flick.
Uzo Aduba looks crazy good and très glamorous in wet-look sequins. 
Not even Rose McGowan’s dress can contain Rose McGowan’s particular brand of red carpet je ne sais quoi; this by Russian couturier Ulyana Sergeenko. Semi-Charmed life and all:
Irina Shayk looks spectacular in all sequinned everything by Atelier Versace. Politics! 
Jessica Simpson is at the White House.
Freida Pinto in Thakoon, Anne V in KaufmanFranco and both in their god-given splendour are so radiant it physically hurts to look directly at them, like a sun with well-placed torso cut-outs. *Turns down screen brightness*
Always saving the best for last, Lupita in filibustering polka-dots by Oscar de la Renta.
Photo: Dimitrious Kambouris, Nicholas Kamm via Getty