Violent Soho Tell Scalpers To Get Fucked, Give Away Scalped Tix For Free

Scalpers are absolute shitcunts. I’m sure they justify it to themselves by viewing it as some sort of entrepreneurial business enterprise but their ‘business’ is taking tickets that a regular punter could have afforded and making them have to dig into their rent money to have the same experience. They are parasites, antithetical to everything music and just generally being a good person is about, and they deserve to have nothing but the most violent diarrhea ruin every single day of their lives.

Unfortunately, they are kind of hard to stop. It’s hard to police who is buying your tickets and the scalpers have been semi-legitimised by shady websites that pretend to be official ticket resellers. Thanks to the internet it’s not just a matter of walking around the venue on the day of and seeing who’s flogging tickets for twice the price, they’re bloody everywhere.

Occasionally, though, bands do get to lay a smack down on them, and when good local Brissy boys Violent Soho saw some bottom-feeding bastard trying to sell two tickets to their big Christmas show on Gumtree for three times the price, they decided to do something about it:

It came to our attention earlier today that someone was trying to sell 2 x tickets to our Friday Xmas show on Gumtree for almost triple the price. This obviously isn’t in the spirit of the show so we had the ticketing agency refund the tickets to him so he can no longer sell them at a profit. So now we have two tickets available to the show and in true Christmas spirit we want to give them to one of you free of charge.

It’s a bloody Christmas miracle.

Seeing as both these shows sold out almost instantly (Aaron Gocs is appearing as Santa, just FYI), this might be the only way you can get your grubby mitts on these tickets. If you’re keen, you’ll want to hop on over to this FB post and tag a mate you want to go with and say why you reckon they deserve them (don’t lie, Santa will know).