Sasha Grey To Release Album

Sasha Grey’s alarmingly seamless transformation from adult film star to mainstream entertainment brand is finally complete with news of a forthcoming album from her Industrial/Noise project aTelecine. As you can probably glean from the band’s name, which might be the most fatal element on the Periodic Scale or an ancient term for sacrificing baby animals, the project is of the atonal and brooding ilk with Grey contributing vocals as well as synthesizer, tape loop and guitar work.

For those who like their porn star cum actress/musicians (hello!) with a hint of metal, the band’s debut album, “A Cassette Tape Culture”, drops April 27th. Below Sasha parries questions about the nature of Porn through general vagueness and a focus on semantics but does announce that a slew of (legitimate?) films on the horizon.

Via The Daily Swarm