Sasha Grey and Nick Zinner to launch books

Apparently being at the top of one profession isn’t enough for anyone anymore, now every second celebrity is a model/actor or actor/singer and in this and in this case a porn star/author.
Sasha Grey, one of the worlds most famous and all adventurous porn star has decided to share her tricks of the trade with the world, in book form.

The book which is finished and waiting for release in the coming months, is a philosophy book about sex encouraging young men and women not to be ashamed of who they are as sexual beings. Should be an interesting yet informative piece of literature, especially if it’s anything like what is ‘explored’ in her film †Sasha Grey’s Anatomy’, or better yet her all exclusive expose in †Teen Whores’.

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s guitarist Nick Zinner has also announced he too has a book to launch early next year. Unlike so many before him Zinner actually has talent, truck loads of it. He’s already established himself as a photographer and author. He’s collaborating with a writer friend and putting together a photography book of his time on tour with the YYY’s over the past year.

Not only will the book include some kiss ass performance photography and a glimpse into life back stage with Karen O, it will also feature Zinner’s calmer side or what he describes as photos from †the lonely wanderings of a musician in a strange city,’ he told Triple J. Who knows maybe Zinner will even include a few shots when he tours to Oz with the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s next month.