Salt N Pepa Push It Real Good

Last night, Good Vibes tourists Salt N Pepa played a sold out sideshow at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre. The show was, by all accounts, epic. This is assumed because A) Salt N Pepa just might be the ultimate party group still willing to breathe fire into 20 year old anthems and B) the trio were joined onstage by Busta Rhymes, Naughty By Nature (Pepa and Treach have a child together), the Pharcyde and a host of other touring Hip Hop legends during their encore. Oh local legends Killaqueenz and Hoops were there to. We have Hoops to thank for the below video.

We’re gonna go with “How to become number one in a hot party show” or “The only thing you need to do right here is nod your fuckin head”. Enjoy.