Ryan Adams Drops Dreamy Version Of “Bad Blood” Off T-Swift Covers Album

Ryan Adams, at the best of times, is something of an enigma. But he’s a magnificent one, to be sure.

One of the most interesting musical endeavours of the past few months has been following Adams as he records a complete wall-to-wall reimagining of Taylor Swift‘s last album 1989. The whole album, covered in full, with each song rearranged to suit Adams’ uniquely bleak Americana aesthetic.
The singer has been very open about the recording process, using Twitter and Instagram to great effect in dropping teaser after teaser as he recorded each of the tracks.
Far beyond being a mere passion or hobby project, the album is now officially on the verge of seeing the light of day, with Adams revealing that his version of 1989 will hit digital airwaves from Monday, with a physical release on CD and vinyl to follow.

To prove it’s not some sort of sick, massively elaborate hoax, Adams’ debuted his cover of “Bad Blood” on Apple Music.

And the result? It’s fucking magic.

Sweet merciful SHIT are we ever keen to hear the whole thing. Ryan Adams, you magnificent bastard.

Photo: Josh Brasted via Getty Images.