Ruby Rose Casually Gifts Jessica Origliasso $4K Guitar For Doing The Dishes

Celebs are not like us. I don’t mean that they are necessarily better than us or even fundamentally that different from us – I mean that we typically do not gift each other $4,000 guitars for doing menial tasks.
Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso aren’t like us, though, they are celebs, and they did exactly this thing that I said we do not typically do.
Ruby and Jess have been back together since at least November of last year and, apparently, seem to be enjoying an extremely lovely relationship, if the gifts are anything to go by.
Origiliasso, who you might know as 50% of The Veronicas or as 100% of herself, posted a pic to Instagram of a pretty schmick Fender Tele that Rose gifted her, apparently for the act of doing the dishes:

A photo posted by Jessica • Reishi • Veronica (@jessicaveronica) on

I found this surprising for two reasons: I never imagined her as much of a Telecaster person, and also I didn’t know celebs did dishes. The more you know.
Specifically, it’s a ’64 American Telecaster, which can sell for us much as $4,000, and seems like pretty fair recompense for doing a job that takes about ten minutes.
Note to self: start dating a rich person.
Source: Instagram / JessicaVeronica.
Photo: Getty Images / Lisa Maree Williams, Instagram / JessicaVeronica.