She’s already proven she’s got the chops to be a radio host, so when Ben & Liam announced they were taking a couple of weeks off the air, plenty of Triple J punters demanded that Ruby Fields take the reins to the coveted breakfast slot. So now she’s bloody doing it.

It’s about time that someone gave old mate Rubes the keys to the national youth broadcaster’s kingdom, considering just how much of a pisser the little grub is. I mean, she’s already shown her prowess of slick interviewing skills when she spent some time crawling around Laneway Festival, so why not give her the illustrious 6-9am shift for a week?

Ruby Fields also broke the top 10 of the 2018 Hottest 100 with her track ‘Dinosaurs‘, so the proof is in the pudding about whether the Triple J listeners will love to hear her dulcet tones and occasional dad jokes on air every morning to kick off July.

No real word on how Ruby is with the whole waking up at sparrow’s fart to be peppy and spritely by 6am, but hey as a musician you’re pretty used to bullshit-early lobby calls, right?

So if you want to be gently woken up by Ruby Fields and her soothing broadcast voice, possibly with post-7am swears and at least one cooked punter calling in after a sizeable mid-week sesh, tune yourself into Triple J from 6am July 1st – no word yet on whether she’ll get away with playing ‘Dinosaurs‘ on a loop for three hours straight.

Image: Instagram / @rubyfieldsm8 / @kanegrosvenorphoto