The end of the decade is fast approaching, but all of a sudden it feels like 2004 because the Rogue Traders are teasing new music.

Formed in 2002, with Natalie Bassingthwaighte (aka Nat Bass) joining in ‘04, the Rogue Traders were classic part of Aussie music culture. And now they’re back. 

The band *technically* reformed back in 2017 but they won’t play their first show until next year’s Anthem Music Festival in Canberra in March.

A now 44-year-old Nat Bass told The Daily Telegraph that new music could be on the cards for their live reunion in March, with the band returning to the studio next year.

“I may be going back into the studio next year but you will just have to wait and see what that means,” she said.

The band currently consists of Neighbours alum Nat Bass, her husband and bandmate Cameron McGlinchey (drums), Tim Henwood (guitar), Steve Davis (guitar) and James Ash (bass).

Nat, who’s currently working on the Australian-version of the musical Chicago, said the band are still as energetic as ever. 

‘It is still as crazy as ever and it is still as vibey as ever, don’t get me wrong, we are not just chilling out.’   

‘We still have as much energy as we always have, I just feel like it is slicker in a way.’ 

Well, Nat, if you don’t bring back the fishnets and Avril Lavingne ties, I’m going to sue.

The group had a solid career with hits like ‘Voodoo Child’, which peaked at #4 on the ARIA charts.

Considering the comeback success of other Aussie ’00s stars like The Veronicas, a Rogue Traders second wind isn’t completely off the cards.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see Nat Bass in all of her glory and fishnet gloves playing Good Things Festival next year?

Honestly, a ‘Voodoo Child’ wall of death is what we deserve.

Image: Getty Images / Patrick Riviere