There’s nothing like a spontaneous explosion of love for your favourite singer, as Robyn fans in New York City discovered recently, when they came together for a mass-singalong and dance party on a subway platform following her show at Madison Square Garden.

The singer is currently touring her album Honey, and after the show was done, hundreds of fans were still feeling the love as they waited for trains at 34th Street. One video posted to Twitter shows a group of concert-goers in the midst of a mass ‘Dancing On My Own‘ sing-along.

Another shows fans singing and bopping along to ‘Hang With Me‘ as one or two bemused commuters look on:

We spoke with Robyn last year, and she told us a bit about the inspiration behind her newest album Honey, saying:

The album is definitely a product of me making all that – taking the time out to really learn things and listen and really get inspired. It’s also dealing around the exploration of myself and getting to know my own emotions and my own feelings and understanding myself a lot better.

I spent a lot of these last years in therapy and those were things that I didn’t expect would take me like as far away from making an album as it did but it was like something I needed. I needed time.I always have those periods where I’m not writing as much but I’m just listening to what other people are doing and taking in things.

It’s kind of like starting an engine back up, or a fire or something. It takes a while; you have to keep adding stuff until you’re like up to speed again and I love those points where I have time to make playlists and I have time to listen to full albums – it’s really nice.