Rihanna Is In The Weirdest Fight With DC Comics Right Now

Robin The Boy Wonder is a superhero sidekick who has a sexually-charged relationship with Batman and frequently wears a cape. Robyn ‘Rihanna’ Fenty is a popular singer who has a sexually-charged relationship with her fans and only sometimes wears a cape. 
To any rational person, it would be fairly difficult to confuse the two, but apparently, the good people at DC Comics don’t think so.
Last year, Rihanna filed a trademark application for the name ‘Robyn’, to be used for a fashion and cosmetics franchise, as well as for online magazine and features-style content.
Per a ComicBook.Com report, DC are trying to block the singer from doing so, arguing that her name skews close enough to ‘Robin’ that it could be used to “deceive” consumers. 
They also claim that the singer, who recently closed out the 40th season of Saturday Night Live and will soon release her eighth album, is trying to “piggyback” onto the iconic status of Robin, who was played by Chris O’Donnell in a movie one time. 
Rihanna’s camp have not yet responded, and if they can not reach an agreement with DC, it will be up to the US Trademark Office to determine whether she can go ahead.
Whatever you do, nobody tell DC comics about this.

Photo: Mike Coppola via Getty Images