Rihanna Dancing At The Grammys Is Already 2018’s Most Joyous Meme

rihanna grammy dancing

If there’s one thing we can count on award season for, it’s an abundance of hyper-memeable gifs. Remember Nicole Kidman at the Oscars?

A thing of beauty.

This year’s Grammys might have given us a bunch of winners (okay, mainly Bruno Mars), but it’s also given us the ultimate gift: Rihanna absolutely loving herself, and her life, sick, while dancing during her performance of “Wild Thoughts” on the Grammys stage.

In case you missed that hyper-enjoyable performance with DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller, you can watch it right here:


And the bit that the internet has quite rightly fixated on is at 3:04, when Ri-Ri busts out some extremely satisfying moves along with a bunch of snappily-dressed backup dancers.

Y’know, these moves:

If you thought everyone on Twitter would immediately take that gif and turn it into 2018’s most joyous and relatable meme, well, you’d be absolutely right.



I wish I could experience one-tenth of the full-body satisfaction Rihanna is channelling in this clip. May we all strive for what she’s got going on, in this year as in every year.

Considering that she took home the award for best rap/sung performance for her work on Kendrick Lamar’s “Loyalty”, it’s fair to say she’s probably got a lot worth dancing about. Never change, Rhi.