Gather your crew together and get ready to pay homage to the King, it would appear that the almighty Peach Panther himself is set to grace our shores with his presence this coming June.
RiFF RAFF aka Jody Highroller aka Carlos Slim aka Kokayne Dawkins aka cheese nuggets has revealed a string of dates for an undisclosed tour of Australia and New Zealand as part of a sprawling world tour.
In typical RiFF RAFF fashion, the details-sparse announcement came via a proxy, his chief support DJ Afterthought, who revealed the dates for the tour in a post to Facebook.

The dates, for those averse to squinting, go a little something like this:
June 9th – Christchurch, New Zealand.
June 10th – Brisbane, QLD.
June 11th – Melbourne, VIC.
June 14th – Sydney, NSW.
June 16th – Perth, WA.
And that’s it. That is literally all we know at this stage.
Tickets for the show, whenever the vital details drop, will apparently be available from RiFF RAFF’s glorious neon website.
But until then, call up your best burly boy and prepare to get loose. Jody’s comin’ our way.

Yeah. There’s no way you could ever be fully prepared for this. Hoo boy.

Source: RiFF RAFF/Facebook.
Photo: RiFF RAFF/Facebook.