Viral Rap Star Rich Chigga Changes Name To ‘Brian’ & Drops New Track

Indonesian rapper Rich Chigga, who initially saw viral fame with his song Dat $tick before a rapid transition into being a very serious, very appreciated artist in 2017, has officially changed his performing nom-de-plume to Brian and dropped a new track named See Me.

Ever since he started finding acclaim for his genuinely fire tracks instead of his comedy, the name Rich Chigga was greeted with a little bit of general opposition, for obvious reasons. He admitted all the way back in 2016 that he thought it was “corny”.

“I do regret it,” he told The New Yorker in an interview last year“I didn’t really know what I was doing and I definitely did not know people were gonna pop off like this.”

As New Yorker writer Wei Tchou writes, it’s a fraught issue of identity. Of course his name is in (deliberately) close proximity to a racial slur, which is a big problem for a non-black artist. But, as she points out, a teenager from Jakarta learning English from YouTube likely wouldn’t have the same appreciation of the fraught racial and cultural history of the United States – which he’s clearly aware of now.

Brian, whose full actual name is Brian Imanuel, announced the move on Twitter.

Anyway. New Year, New Brian. Here’s his new track, which is quite good: