RHCP’s Flea Kept The Hobart Gig Going During A Tech Glitch By Doing Handstands

During the Red Hot Chili Peppers first show of their Australian tour in Hobart, the band ran into some lengthy technical difficulties. Like, fifteen-minutes-of-nothing levels of tech issues. But thankfully, RHCP has Flea in its ranks, a man who lets no issue tarnish a Good Time.

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When the show suddenly lost power after the band’s opening song, ‘Can’t Stop‘, Flea made the split decision to keep the masses entertained – by popping a couple of actually quite impressive handstands. Normal man, normal stuff.

Flea, a 56-year-old dude who headbangs so hard he probably has permanent whiplash, flipped up onto his hands while the techs tried to figure out what the fuck was going on with the gear, sending the crowd off like a frog in a sock.


How this man’s wrists didn’t turn to dust as soon as he flicked up into a handstand that lasted well over 30 seconds is beyond me. I can’t even do a handstand for five seconds without my joints screaming for mercy and my body totally overbalancing and ruining itself.

Despite nearing his sixties, Flea still lives up to his nickname – bouncing around the stage with endless energy and smashing out so many punk jumps it makes you worry for the state of his knees. Like this man is probably going to be the ambassador for calcium supplements or something, right?

I guess it’s not super surprising that Flea was able to keep the swathes of fans entertained with his acrobatics, considering back in 2010 at the age of 47, he decided to start running and training for marathons in the US. The man’s clearly never going to slow down until his body implodes.

After about 15 minutes of Flea’s impromptu circus show inside the Derwent Entertainment Centre, the technical difficulties were fixed up and the show could go on, and the Chili Peppers continued the show as if nothing had happened – Flea’s energy was still at an absurd level, and the crowd scored themselves two shows for the price of one.

Someone get Cirque de Soliel on the blower, I think we’ve found a new performer for the troupe.