Check Out These Literally Hot Artists Who Recorded Vids In An Actual Sauna

Of all the regular places you’d expect your fave musicians to perform – you know, arenas, auditoriums, maybe even a garage at a stretch – we’re pretty confident that a literal hot sauna doesn’t spring to mind.

But apparently it’s a pretty sick place to record because that’s where Rekorderlig Cider got a bunch of some seriously impressive up-and-coming artists to lay down tracks, smack bang in the middle of the condensation-covered benches. And we’re not mad at it one bit.

The Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds saw local talent embracing a bit of spontaneity and performing guerilla-style gigs in saunas around the country – and TBH we’re mostly just glad they didn’t do it in some random sweat room out in country NSW.

These are cleansed, top notch saunas with the right acoustics, not the kind of fare you’d find at your local swimming pool – because anyone who’s done a road trip knows you don’t want to spend more than a minute in some of those grimy lil’ rooms.

Some of the artists who’ve contributed a ditty include the multitalented Milan Ring (whose launch show has been completely sold out – and whose dreamy voice gives us literal chills, not gonna lie).

Plus there’s also a vid from south-west Sydney‘s own B Wise (rapper extraordinaire – you may remember him from an incredible Like A Version cover of the Red Hot Chilli PeppersUnder The Bridge).

We had a chat to both Milan and B Wise after their sessions, so if you wanna hear more about what it was really like for the artists you should defs check them out. Plus they’re pretty excellent humans anyway, so that helps.

And they’re within a line-up of even more impressive Australian talent, including:


Cop a blend of electronica & grime from the Sydney-based producer/vocalist.

Spike Vincent

Gotta love an ode to an ex that you’re still very much into – and this one has a strong beat.


We’re getting serious 90s vibes from this tune, with Sarah Sykes’ vocals echoing in the sauna.

Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents

Something a lil’ more upbeat to finish it off, these folk have a hyper-energetic punk style.

You can check out all of the vids on the Rekorderlig Cider YouTube channel, so crank up the heat in your room and simulate your own lil’ sauna as you listen to some tunes that are equally as hot.