Ready to Die! Die! Die!

A band that sorts the men from the lady boys, Die! Die! Die! have announced via their Twitter page (of course) that they shall be playing a few Sydney side shows when they travel across from the NZ to tour for Homebake.

The fun boy three will unleash the fury of their new tracks from their unreleased third album when they pop in for a visit. If it’s anything like their first two albums it will no doubt be a corker.

Having watched the three D’s rock the shit out of Spectrum late last year, the prospect of a few intimate side-shows is pretty darn exciting and must be attended by even the smallest D fan.

Unless of course you’re going to Homebake where you can see them woo the crowd on a much grander scale. If you are going ensure you take a look at the stunned onlookers who no doubt be thinking †why the hell haven’t I already allocated a significant part of my life to worshiping these dudes?’

No official info or venues have been released but we’ll stay tuned to their Twitter page and make sure you are the first to know.