Re-opening The Tote Gives Hope To Live Music

In early March we featured a story on Australia’s somewhat struggling live music scene resulting from the closure of landmark venues – which included Collingwood’s The Tote Hotel. Now we are happy to report that The Tote looks set to re-open – albeit under new proprietors who have replaced the passionate music-loving former licensees Bruce and James Milne.

Yesterday the property owners, Colonial Leisure Group, announced they had signed a contract with new licensees Andrew Portokallis and Jon Perring (who currently run established Melbourne live music venues Bar Open, Pony and Yah Yah’s) ensuring The Tote will continue to host live music.

Portokallis said the hotel, that has been all but gutted since closing three months ago, would be “back running as soon as we can patch it up a bit”. The new licencees said they will also apply to have the venue’s controversial “high-risk” licencing conditions waived in order to run the business profitably.

The bar warming party details – which will presumably feature some of Melbourne’s best musical talents – will be soon to follow.

Via The Age