Rave Security At Stereosonic

I’ve seen some pretty hilarious shit this year but shooting up my personal “LOLS of ’09” list is this awesome older lady from Saturday’s Sydney leg of the Stereosonic music festival. We’ll call her Rave Security Guard.

Basically I was the one sober dude at the festival and though it sucks being the only sober dude at a festival full of wide-eyed revelers, on this occasion I’m glad I abstained. If I was wasted I might not have found my camera in time or noticed this way too jovial security guard at all. She was awesome, Rave Security Guard. While most security guards are ego trippers who love throwing people out. Rave Security guard was a ego tripper who love throwing people out shapes.

What else can I say? This was shot somewhere between the Bloody Beetroots/Surkin/Crookers electro sandwich and despite the festival’s “shirts on” disclaimer the video features a handful of shirtless Festival Bros grinding rave security guard like it’s her birthday. Party on Rave Security Guard, party on.