Rappers, Fans Remember Notorious B.I.G On Twitter

Rapper Biggie Smalls, who was killed 14 years ago yesterday, has been given a second life on Twitter.

Kickstarted by B.I.G’s former producer, Diddy (who was known as Puff Daddy), #biggieday has taken off in the US and around the world, with fans and peers alike paying their respects to The Black Frank White, who was gunned down on March 9 in L.A. only six months after his rival, Tupac Shakur.

Lupe Fiasco, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, QTip and Nicki Minaj were among the rappers who got involved, with a suspicious silence from 50 Cent, who undoubtedly owes most of his career to Biggie, and tweet king, Kanye West, who usually doesn’t miss anything.

Even the white boys got in on it, though some with more cheek than others.

Biggie Day (March 9) is just finishing up in the US. You can see live results and tributes at #biggieday. Q-Tip was right. That really was a golden age for hip hop.