Rap Legends Descend on Nate Dogg’s Funeral

And that’s a rap.

Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Dr Dre, Xzibit and The Game were among the famed mourners at Nate Dogg‘s funeral in his home town of Long Beach,CA on Saturday. The hip hop great was laid to rest on a grizzly Los Angeles morning, as rain fell on the the rappers close friends and family.

Snoop Eulogised Nate by recounting their debut encounter in 1986: “We didn’t know each other, but the music connected us. We built a brotherhood, a friendship”, said Snoop.

Others paid their respects in different ways, and as per modern tradition, Twitter played a large part. The Game was among those to utilise the medium as a passage of lament.

Nate Dogg died March 15 from complications of multiple strokes he’d suffered since 2008. He was 41.