Ranking Matt Corby Tunes By How Tingly They Make Our Bodies Feel

I’m going to be blunt: Matt Corby‘s voice may very well be the closest thing to audio brilliance that we have experienced in this disaster-ridden world. He’s wildly talented, his voice control and tone is incredible and yes, he also happens to be hot AF.

Given that he just wrapped up a big ol tour and I MISSED OUT, I thought I’d instead take a moment to rank his songs in order of how tingly you feel all over (yes, ALL OVER) when you give ’em a cheeky listen.

Putting aside the serious thirst (mostly… but not really), how many of this precious human’s songs am I going to be discussing in terms of concentrated tingle talent?

Ahem. Yes, seven. Which can I just say, was actually bloody hard because holy hell, the boy has pipes. And TBH all of them are beyond capable of making you, to borrow a lyric from Colbie Caillat, “get the tingles in a silly place”.

And if nothing else, the looks he’s serving in most of these video clips are enough to eclipse the memory of his shocking 2007 hair out of our brains, which is just a service to humanity. The man is a blessing on society but that hair was Not Great. Fight me, fangirls.

7. Untitled

Taking a step back in time for a moment, Untitled is probably the first all-over-chills inducing track I ever had the good fortune to bless my ears with.

It’s from way back in 2011 – look at his tiny lil’ face! Listening to just vocals and the guitar paired with the nature sounds… It’s just, *chef’s kiss*.

Tingle level: A slight shiver, like a gentle caress.

6. No Ordinary Life

No Ordinary Life is one of Matt’s latest tracks from the Rainbow Valley album, so we’ve gone from the beginning to now real fast. This video is already pretty trippy but TBH I’m not mad at it. It looks how I feel when I listen to this song.

In fact, I can just picture a road trip with this song playing in the middle of summer, before everyone gets grumpy and sweaty and bickery. The good part of the road trip – about an hour or two in after you’ve picked up a buncha chippies at the service station.

Tingle level: You know the feeling you get when you hear someone play wind chimes? That.

5. Monday

The loops, friends. THE LOOPS. Honestly. How in the actual heck does he manage to loop so many times with such perfect pitch and resonance? Tell me your secrets. While looping it repeatedly until I’m swathed in a chorus of your voice.

And then those high notes without even a stretch. His beautiful inhuman face looks like it’s barely even trying. I am downright incredulous, I tell you.

Tingle level: Washing over you in waves, looping over and over.

4. Light My Dart Up

At this point I’m really just finding it difficult to write because all I want to do is lie on the floor and listen to this song on repeat. Do not tempt me on this, because I will absolutely do it. Another song from his new album, this tune is 10/10.

It’s so smooth and chill and I would like him to serenade me with it at all times. Also, credit to the backing vocalists for being able to keep up with Matt’s ear-catching vocals (is that even a thing? I feel like it’s not but frankly I simply do not care, I would happily hurl my ears at this track if it were possible).

Tingle level: Involuntary shivers and goosebumps all over. ALL OVER.

3. Brother

Brother is probably Matt’s first really big track to get acclaim, and TBH it’s not hard to see why. Those high notes, the balance.. Can someone pls fan me and hand over a stiff drink so I can calm TF down?

This acoustic version shows off not only the strength of his voice but the PRECISION. Good god the man doesn’t hit a note wrong. That is simply not possible.

Tingle level: Aggressively tingly. Just fucken mess me up with the tingles.

2. All Fired Up

This is my absolute favourite track from the new album, and not even the fact that dragging a piano into a field defies logic can get me down. I bloody love it. It’s tingle central, literally from the get-go. Again, those nature sounds and the stripped back tunes just GET me.

As for the vocals themselves, the lightness of his voice has me feeling all floaty and zen and like I’m in a literal cloud. For the record Colbie, this is what you were talking about. This exact song. Silly places indeed.

Tingle level: I will have dreams of being that exact piano.

1. Lonely Boy (Cover)

Well, fuck. This is the big one. As my coworker Courtney said, it’s “the kind of track that you can imagine being quietly sung to you on a rainy morning when you’ve just woken up to find him noodling on the guitar at the foot of the bed”. We’ll keep you company, you don’t have to be lonely.

Seriously though, from the first few notes I get the tingles all over. The control that he has over his voice, especially when he’s distorting it at the peak of the song, DAMNNNN. If you’ll excuse me I need to go and listen to this on repeat over and over and over for approximately twelve years.

Tingle level: Excuse me, I need a shower.