Rage Is Airing A ‘Prodigy’ Special This Weekend For Yr Late-Night Rave Cave

After the news of The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint passing away this week, Rage has announced it will be turning the amps right up to 11 with an impromptu Prodigy special this weekend in memory of the late

[jwplayer gllz2y6G]

From 12.25am on Friday night (well, technically Saturday morning), the ABC will replay both of the times that Flint sat in the big red couch and cast his audio-visual mixtape onto screens across Australia.

The Rage team will also be digging through the archives and playing everything from The Prodigy that they can get their hands on, which will take you right back to that moment as a kid in 1998 and having your life changed by the clip to ‘Firestarter‘ all over again.

The special will very likely spook the hell out of a whole new generation of kids that have stayed up late to watch the Late Night Rage after they’ve been very sternly told to go to bed, but it’s almost like a music lover’s rite of passage to turn the loungeroom into a terrifying rave cave in the middle of the night.

Honestly, I could never unsee these videos after I watched them.

Keith Flint died suddenly late last night at the age of 49 and was found in his home in Essex by police and emergency services.

His death comes months after the band released their latest album, No Tourists, weeks after a full tour of Australia and New Zealand, and days after the release of their latest single, ‘We Live Forever.

Spike your hair up with the hardest gel you can find, turn the bass on your speakers up high and be ready to bring the big beat rukus until the wee hours of Saturday morning.

It’s what Keith would have wanted.