Rage Is Bringing The Top 20 Countdown Back To Saturday Mornings

There was once a time, a more fun and innocent time, when Saturday mornings were not all about nursing crushing hangovers or freezing your tits off at boot camp, but rather, basking in the warm glow of the TV and watching the ARIA Top 50 Countdown on Rage.

In mid-2006, in a move that signaled a loss of innocence for an entire nation,The ABC ceased broadcasting this countdown. Sure, if you were okay with commercials, then there was still Video Hits over on Ten, but when that went off the air in 2011, all seemed lost.
Today, however, there comes a shining ray of hope for lovers of the music video format, and those who believe in their heart of hearts that Saturday mornings are best spent on the couch in undies: The ABC are reinstating a Top 20 Countdown on Rage.

From this week, Rage will play the national Top 20 every Saturday morning between 6 and 8am, in a segment that will also include “chart predictions and appearances from some of the most popular acts of today.”

Excuse us for a moment while we bask in nostalgic memories of this:
And also this:
In fact, TTYL guys, we’ll just be watching ’90s pop videos for the rest of the day. The countdown will be repeated on Sundays at 9.30pm on ABC3.
via TV Tonight