‘Rage’ Is Dropping All 90s Metal Tonight So Calmly Inform Yr Older Brother

Because quite obviously none of you have anything important to do tomorrow, tonight’s as good a night as any to stay up late and turn your lounge room into the stinky 90s mosh pit you so richly deserve. And your gr8 m8s over at the ABC‘s enduring music video juggernaut Rage have got you well and truly covered.

[jwplayer gvkTjsCy]

Apparently tonight’s playlist is less an instalment of their weekly archive-digging Vault specials as it is more “exact episode of MTV’s Headbangers Ball circa 1994,” because it covers heavy metal specifically from the 90s.

We’re talking standard selections like a post-“first four albums” Metallica when they were routinely bullying Jason Newsted and burying his bass lines in all recordings. Then there’s classic-era Danzig from his peak-muscle goth phase, before he became fixated on piles of bricks in his front yard. Elsewhere, there’s a Far Beyond Driven-era Pantera jam to remind you of the time where Phil Anselmo wasn’t a total dick, an Ugly Kid Joe song but not Cat’s in the Cradle, a reasonably deep-cut Primus tune that’ll fully remind you just how weird and great that band is, and a Kyuss track that, much like all Kyuss tracks, serves as a glaringly obvious assertion that they’re a way better band than Queens of the Stone Age ever are or will be.


Dead set, it’s full to the absolute brim of bangers, so now might be the time to start limbering up the neck with some Voltaren gel, because it’s gonna get a severe thrashing.

Peep the full Rage playlist via this here handy link.

Rage goes to air tonight from 1:00am on the dot.