If you cast your mind back a few days, to a time when we hadn’t yet been gifted with Radiohead’s newest track Daydreaming, you may recall fans had latched onto the video’s teaser and declared it must be the work of director Paul Thomas Anderson.

Well, they were right. After a series of soundtrack collabs with RH guitarist Jonny Greenwood on films like The Master, Anderson produced this hypnotic piece of cinema to accompany the track.

Welp, it turns out the bloke is such a fan of it that 35mm reels have been shipped out to select boutique cinemas across the United States. As of this morn, projector operators – a dying breed – have taken to social media to exclaim how lucky they are.

Reddit poster on the Austin sub-reddit claims Anderson shipped the film overnight, and the clip will be shown mainly before regular ol’ sessions for Captain America: Civil War. So, if you live in Texas, like Marvel and spacey art-rock, well…

Radiohead’s New ‘Daydreaming’ Vid Is So Gorge It’s Being Shown In Theatres

FWIW, the as-of-yet untitled record is out in full in less than 12 hours. What a time to be alive.

Source: Pitchfork.
Photo: YouTube / Music Box Theater / Twitter.